Rojas & Rodriguez

"A show of great quality and sense that does not, by modern and mixing styles, lose the essence of each of them.
A show that can be perfectly presented in the major capitols of the world."
- Maria Garcia-Rosado Castrillo, Opera World

Titanes de pie color.jpg

Innovative choreographers Angel Rojas and Carlos Rodriguez bring you TITANIUM, an explosive, high-energy show that fuses flamenco, hip hop and break dance from the streets of Madrid. Featuring nine male dancers and four musicians, TITANIUM is an unforgettable evening of power and passion that will have your audience in awe.

Flamenco is widely considered a universal and ancestral art form that offers Spanish artists an opportunity to transmit their culture around the world. Rojas & Rodriguez take the next step in moving flamenco forward with their vision of improvisation, synergy and fusion of these three dance styles to communicate an expressive voice for a new generation.

The story of TITANIUM is one of metamorphosis and transformation of the Titans, played by three hip hop dancers and three flamenco dancers, who flee from a dark place of destruction in search of a world of light. Accompanied by guitar, violin, keyboard, percussion and a flamenco singer, "Rojas and Rodriguez's duet captured the audience with the magic of TITANIUM" says Zvi Goren (Tel Aviv)

The Rojas & Rodriguez philosophy is based on the search for a different way of understanding movement, creation, scenic approach, lighting and sound space, which gives their shows a new dimension within Spanish dance and flamenco. Their work as Rojas & Rodriguez began in 1996, and has set a new standard in Spanish dance recognized as Nuevo Ballet Español. With 14 fourteen shows and countless special projects together, Rojas & Rodriguez and their outstanding creative team have given life to an essential show that reflects flamenco's continual evolution.

"Nuevo Ballet Español vibrates in unison and communicates its love for dance." -Il Monferrato-Italia