Hank Williams Fans Get Sneak Peek of New Ken Burns PBS Documentary “Country Music”

Hank Williams Fans Get Sneak Peek of New Ken Burns PBS Documentary “Country Music”
by Danielle Wallace
Mar 29, 2019

For many, Hank Williams is a country music legend. Friday his fans got a sneak peek of a new documentary about his life. Clips from the film “Country Music” were played at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The film highlight’s Hank Williams and other country music icons. It is a Ken Burns PBS documentary.

Dayton Duncan, one of the films producers attended the screening.  Along with others who worked with Burns and Duncan on the project.

“Anything they do is gold. They’re that good, they’re smart and incredible. Dayton is incredibly talented. And of course ken burns is the master documentary film maker in the world I suppose and I’m just blessed and honored to be part of their project sometimes,” says Bobby Horton, a musician contributed to the film.

The documentary premieres  on Alabama Public Television on Sunday, September 15th – September 18th at 7 pm. It also airs Sunday, September 22nd – September 25th at 7 pm.

Letter to the editor: Three on a String put on good show

"Combining musical entertainment and humor, Three on a String performed at the recent Freedom Festival in Oxford. In August, Three on a String will celebrate their 46th year in entertainment, which is a remarkable achievement. They have been inducted into both the Alabama Bluegrass Hall of Fame and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

Bobby Horton, proficient at more than 20 instruments, played trumpet, guitar and banjo. Horton has combined his two passions of music and history as a music historian in presentations on Civil War music. He has worked on at least 10 Ken Burns documentaries. Jerry Ryan played guitar and harmonica with at times playing them simultaneously. Brad Ryan and Andy Meginnis also played and sang..."

-Penny J. Nielsen, The Anniston Star reader