Lula Washington Dance Theatre

"It's difficult to top Lula Washington's awesome and colorful 'Global Village'. A Cultural Celebration with its creative
use of costumes and sheer boundlessness across the stage."  —Eye Spy, Los Angeles

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Founded in 1980 in the inner city area of South Los Angeles, Lula Washington Dance Theatre has become one of the most admired African-American contemporary dance companies in the country.  The company performs innovative and provocative choreography by Lula Washington, who uses dance to explore social and humanitarian issues, including aspects of African-American history and culture. An award-winning choreographer, her work is filled with honesty, integrity, and unparalleled creativity. Famed movie director James Cameron hired Lula Washington to choreograph his hit film, Avatar after conducting an exhaustive national search, and he used Lula’s beautiful dancers in the film. Lula also choreographed the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. When she tours, Lula includes educational school performances, master dance classes, post-performance talk backs, and outreach activities for local youth.

Lula Washington augments her choreography with dances by master artists, including  Donald McKayle; Christopher Huggins; Donald Byrd, and Rennie Harris. The company also performs works by talented young choreographers such as Tamica Washington-Miller, Associate Director of Lula Washington Dance Theatre. The result of this convergence is a company known for its powerful, high-energy dancing, unique choreography and exceptional educational residencies.