Lehrer Dance

“Lehrer Dance took the house not so much by storm as by quantum physics. Jon Lehrer's strikingly
original choreography transformed the stage into an energy field of super-charged particles."
- Dance Magazine


Lehrer Dance is an exciting and innovative professional dance company based in Buffalo, NY.  Under the direction of Jon Lehrer, the company showcases Jon’s unique choreography and embodies his definitive style. Jon’s extensive background in both the modern and jazz dance idioms fosters choreography that is organic, artistic, accessible and often humorous, reflecting life experience and the human condition.

The Lehrer Dance style is based on three main elements of movement: circularity, 3-dimensionality, and momentum. These combine to create a form that is best described as “organically athletic”, integrating the approach and fluidity of modern dance and the excitement and energy of jazz dance to create an expressive, engrossing style of movement.

“A small enviable team of dynamite Buffalo, NY dancers” (Chicago Tribune), Lehrer Dance is comprised of eight individuals who bring their own unique skills to the Lehrer Dance vernacular, keeping it fresh and evolving.

Lehrer Dance began in 2007 and has already received much international attention and critical acclaim. The company tours extensively, bringing their trademark artistic, athletic, and accessible style to audiences worldwide.