Kuniko Yamamoto

"Her performances were excellent and powerful. Ms. Yamamoto was at all times the professional artist and educator,
capturing genuine student interest and excitement. She promotes cross-cultural communication and understanding,
needed in educating young people for their future in a global society."  — Clearwater High School, Clearwater, FL       

Kuniko Yamamoto enchants audiences of every age with dramatic storytelling using myths and fables from ancient and modern Japan, spiced with social revelations to educate and amuse. In Magical Mask, Music and Mime of Japan Kuniko uses traditional Japanese music, handcrafted masks, stylized movement and a touch of magic to create an artistic balance of illusion and reality. For younger children, Origami Tales uses folded paper animals and faces, which come alive in folk tales. Every program encourages audience interaction and participation, with each narrative carefully selected for cultural and moral perspectives. Trained in dance and traditional arts in her native Osaka, Japana, Kuniko has lived in Florida since 1992. 

Kuniko has received national exposure performing Japanese Storytelling at the Silk Road International Exposition and on Kansai National TV in 1985. In the last two decades she has been presenting her programs throughout the United States. She is also recognized by the Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina of Arts Council since 2000. A passionate origami folder, Kuniko received the Tempo Award from Origami USA in 2007.

Kuniko has performed  in such venues as The Kennedy Center (Washington DC); Disney Epcot Japanese Pavilion; Seattle’s International Children’s Festival/ Giant Magnet; International Children’s Festival in Canada; National Storytelling Festival; LA Music Center /Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County

Kuniko offers a variety of workshops including: Math Lesson with Origami, Origami Cultural Connection to Visual Arts, Origami for Teachers, Japanese Theater (Kabuki and Noh) and Japanese Music.