James Sewell Ballet

"Sewell is daring and original, with a broad grounding in classical ballet and modern dance....[willing] to unearth genuine emotions
and grapple seriously with how ballet relates to more organic styles of movement." —Jennifer Homans, The New Republic

James Sewell Ballet was the dream of Sally Rousse and James Sewell, two innovators who together re-imagined what a contemporary ballet company could look like: a chamber dance troupe that blends the elegance of classical ballet, the freedom of modern dance, and the can-do spirit of vaudeville. 

Combining their expertise, vision and chutzpah they envisioned a close-knit company of dance artists willing to both challenge their physical limits and expand their notions about ballet. Today, critically acclaimed James Sewell Ballet performances move and delight audiences across the country. This exquisite contemporary ballet company brings a dynamic choreographic vision as well as a sense of humor to the stage. Truly the "un-stuffiest" ballet you'll ever see!

With music that runs the gamut from Chopin and Stravinsky to Lady GaGa and the Bad Plus, James Sewell Ballet creates works that engages every audience. The company's extensive touring experience, technical professionalism and outreach ability allows presenters to provide customized residency activities for their communities including community dancer participation, body-mind wellness workshops, and youth and senior seminars.