Kennedy's Kitchen

Traditional and original Irish music and well-embellished tall tales

Kennedy's Kitchen
Once again Kennedy's Kitchen has blessed us with a delightful CD, "The Birds Upon the Trees". This album is full of jigs and reels and you can feel the joy and excitement that the band is experiencing as they play their instruments. Four songs in particular really amazed me, the title song, "The Birds Upon the Trees", "Patrick Coyle", "Remember Dubh Loch" and "The Month of January". The vocals and tones are perfect and hauntingly beautiful! "Patrick Coyle" was written by joHn Kennedy. It is a song about his grandpa and the Easter Rising. You know this song was written with a deep respect and love for the man...the words are so powerful. I have enjoyed this wonderful album countless times! This is a CD you MUST have. My hats off to Kennedy's Kitchen for producing such a magnificent album...I find I can't wait for their next one!
The Celtic Crier
Kennedy's Kitchen delivered as promised! They were one of the nicest groups we have ever hosted. The concert was wonderful; the stories were entertaining, and the musicians were gracious. Who would have thought that a Sunday afternoon in the Kitchen could be so much fun!
Mary Jane Ormerod, Music Series Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne IN
Kennedy's Kitchen "The Hotting Fire" is full of rare gems: Bob Harke's "Vinegar Hill" and Rob Weber's "Children in the Band [are] classics. "Crickets in the Hearth" a recitation by joHn, will take you on a trip to Donegal, back in time to 1916... beautiful stuff. Kennedy's Kitchen are the real deal, and this album...captures the rich talent and versatility of these committed musicians.
Shay Clark, Irish American News

Kennedy's Kitchen plays tear-up-the-floor, break-your-heart beautiful Irish music: traditional dance tunes, pub and original songs, stories, jokes, and well embellished tall tales.

At a  Kennedy's Kitchen performance you'll hear penny whistle, fiddle, guitar, bodhran, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass, and voices raised by joHn Kennedy, his nephews Nolan & Liam Ladewski, Rob Weber, Chris O'Brien, and Jacob Turner.  Kennedy’s Kitchen has been making Irish music together since 1998 and are already annual favorites at prestigious events like the Milwaukee Irish Festival, The Michigan Irish Fest in Muskegon, the Irish-American Heritage Center Irish Fest in Chicago and many others. It’s “kitchen music” from the home, the hearth, and the heart.

The band released their first CD, self-titled, in July of 2003, which was selected by National Public Radio affiliate WVPE FM 881's The Back Porch as one of the top 25 folk releases of 2003. Music in The Glen was released 2004 , A Pocketful of Lint in 2006, The Hotting Fire in 2009, and their newest releaseThe Birds Upon the Trees in 2013. 

About their "Lint" cd, the group says: " Although we are not all of Irish descent, everyone who performs on this CD is a grandchild of someone who came over to America on a boat, pursued by poverty or the failed politics of the old world, looking for a chance. Our grandparents arrived here with the name of a town, an address, perhaps a much read letter which stated that they were welcome, that there was work to be found, and that someone would be expecting them. Other than that, they had their hopes, a small cardboard chest filled with a life's belongings, and a pocketful of lint."

July 14th, 2012:  "joHn Kennedy and Kennedy's Kitchen hold a special place in our hearts .  For years, Kennedy's Kitchen has performed at Irish Fest Chicago.  Their brand of traditional Irish Music never fails to mesmerize and engage folks.  From beautiful music to storytelling, familiar pub songs to great original tunes, Kennedy's Kitchen will not fail to entertain all!   We look forward to future events that include this group of very talented musicians.  Your performance helped make Irish Fest 2012 a big success! Thank you all!"  Kathleen Dunat, Entertainment Chairman, Irish Fest 2012, Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois